they are the physical embodiment of technological abstraction

I like minimal things and recently I have been focusing on composability

In the Hifi earbud space their

are a group of headphone that

have composable connectors

Its so cool to me If I want to upgrade the sound quailty,

I can and I don’t have to set them up on new devices because the bluetooth is what is connected no the headphones.

The reverse is true, I could update the battery or change the design of the bluetooth connector all without

changing the sound quality

I also have moved my storage of the cloud and i’m using microsd card, synthing and localsend for my data.

microsd are perfect are because they are again storage seperate from the connector, so it can be coupled with any connector they are small for the storage as well, i fit close to 1tb in my wallet.

The next step is screens right?

screens are pretty composability currently, hdmi, dp, and vesa connector allow for arms and stands but they have are very large impact on your living space

I live in tokyo where living space is of extra importance and I have a energetic 1 years so the little space we do have we have in dedicated to our daughter

so I traded my dual monitor setup for:

The Xreal air 2s

you might be thinking “buddy why didn’t you go full VR” like the Quest or Steam VR or Apples jellybean

unlike these other VR headsets Xreal is like the SD card and the headphones .

Xreal glasses are dumb, it doesn’t know what its plugged in to, it just wants to show data its send

now xreal actually has the Beam which is a composible battery and brain for the xreal which is cool that is composable but I already have devices to use it like the steam deck.

also no charging & doesn’t need software updates, its basically a monitor you wear on your face.

does it work with PC, absolutely with the right dongle

Dongles + dumb things = perfection

I use them everyday its amazing

Dongles are one of the best ways to increase technological agency

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